Web Interface Question - 2 (True/False Clock)


Hello All,
Its been a long time since my last posting!
Hope you all are OK!

I got my old Pi up and running today using the piaware 3.1.0

The old version had in the web Interface two clocks on the upper right hand side, which I like to see/have.
I edited the line // Show the clocks at the top of the righthand pane? You can disable the clocks if$
ShowClocks = false; from '‘false’ to ‘true’ in config.jst, but the result was that the web Interface no longer worked.

Left hand (map area) is blank and on the right hand part only the text {FlightAware dump1090} and the 3 selectable option is showing.

I have rebooted/restared the Pi still the same, when editing back to ‘false’ the web interface is OK.
I have tried in Safari and FireFox.


For the files config.js and planeObject.js are there any description for what can be changed/added/deleted/enhanced?

Cheers Steen


The clocks are disabled in dump1090-fa’s web interface (but not all traces were removed, as you’ve found)


LoL - thanks! :slight_smile:

Any other way to add them?

Cheers Steen