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I like the new weather page with the sequence in plain language. It helps me show the owner what’s happening on the other end. Could you add a printer friendly format? It uses WAY too much ink in the displayed format.

Are you talking about a page like ?

Only took two pages to print here using MSIE 6.0. and a Lexmark printer.

One thought might be to highlight the METAR and TAF data and copy it, and paste it to a Notepad document and print it from there.

Formatting will look like below my name and it only takes 1/2 page at the most. With a little tweaking in the spacing, you can line up the column data to the titles, but for all that work, just better off printout the web page and buying an extra cartridge of ink.

Hope this helps.


Observation Flight
Rules Wind Overcast Visibility Temp Dew Point Rel.
Humid. Pressure Other
Date Time Dir. Speed Type Height (ft) (sm) C F C F
13-Feb 01:54PM VFR Variable 6kts Clear 10 5 41 -5 23 48% 30.09
13-Feb 12:54PM VFR 310 10kts Few 2600 10 4 39 -4 24 55% 0.10
13-Feb 11:54AM VFR 360 11kts Few 2400 10 3 37 -5 23 55% 0.11
13-Feb 10:54AM VFR 330 7kts Scattered 2400 10 1 33 -5 23 64%

12-Feb 07:54PM IFR 340 14kts Overcast 500 10 6 42 4 39 86%

2008/02/13 17:33
KJAN 131733Z 131818 33009G15KT P6SM FEW025
FM2300 34004KT P6SM SKC
FM1500 16009KT P6SM SKC


I suggest copying the data then special pasting it into Excel. You maintain most of the formatting, although you don’t get the arrows indicating up and down. is the data I used for these step-by-step directions.

  1. Highlight everything from KLVK to the last entry in the last row (or however far back you want to go).
  2. Press Ctrl-C
  3. In Excel, right click Cell A1 or whereever you want the data to start. A right click menu will appear.
  4. Click on paste special - do not click on paste!

One drawback to this is that the column headings do not align with all of the data but that is easy to remedy.

Here’s what it will look like:

You are, of course, both right. I could copy and paste and print from Note Pad. But when my passengers arrive and I dash in for the latest weather while my copilot loads the bags I don’t have time for all that. All I ask for is a “Printer Friendly” version button so I can print and be on my way. Many FBOs don’t have the best printer and only change the cartridge on leap year.

Truth be known, a printer friendly version button probably won’t fix the long over due tired printer cartridge replacement problem at the FBO.

Fully understand what you are saying, but the page really when you get down to it, is only two pages and pretty printer friendly in these IT eyes.

Now, another suggestion that I dont’ see mention is to select the weather data by highlighting the text in the browser, then click file, print, then put the dot next to print selected text.

Format and columns retained nicely here when I did it and it took a grand total of 20 seconds to print on my slow Lexmark ink jet printer.

All of the above was done in MSIE 6.0. Other browswer may have slight variations.


Well, then, you are in luck! This is a leap year.

While it would be nice to a have a printer-friendly option for the weather and other pages, my personal opinion is that I’d like them to get the maps more detailed.

Have you thought about saving the page with the weather to your laptop then showing the pax this? If you use a desktop in the FBO to get the weather, just save the page to a flash drive then insert the flash drive into your laptop and bring up the page.

I love the METARs page. I’m a student pilot and I’ve come to rely on this page to help me determine whether or not I’ll be flying on that particular day. Thank you for this great feature.

I just signed up to FlightAware and have used FlightAware for a long time. I’m into the weather field, especially hurricanes on the Atlantic side. I just wanted to say I also like the weather maps page.


Where’s the weather for my part of the world?
just kidding, we’re going anyway. :smiling_imp:
I actually like that handy little page… I’m following the gf’s weather wherever in the world she currently is. Enter any ICAO airport ident you can think of, and it will come up with the weather there, if available.
Or, if you just want to browse around, go to

thanks, I use the same page too.

and I was just joking about going no matter what the weather report says.


You only joke when it says PROB40?

Spoken like a true pro!

This generates a ‘404 - page not found error’ for me, for both KADS and KDFW. can’t be displayed.

Go to and then select your airport via the drop down boxes.

That did it! Thanks, dami.

Edit: Strange thing… the URL turns out to be case-sensitive. will work as a direct entry, not needing to go through the site. will not.

I can’t remember that I’ve ever run into that before.

You’re welcome.

I haven’t come across too many URLs that are case-sensitive. I do use one at work that is case sensitive. I know - I’ve had many calls from people who say their links don’t work but that’ because they are typing them in wrong. (Yea, I know, they should copy-and-paste the link but some of these people aren’t that computer savvy.)