WDLabs Announces Availability of the WD PiDrive 314GB

storagereview.com/wdlabs_ann … spberry_pi

pretty interesting.

You know, I’ve read about this multiple times today but only just now understood the significance of the 314 gigabyte drive, and why they released it today :unamused:

They also apparently have a 31.4% discount, making the price $31.42. Realllllllly going ham on this one, WD. Really going ham.

Running Rpis w/ 16GB SD card seems to be overkill unless you are logging every jot and tittle. 314 GB seems like a solution in search of a problem for a pi. :confused:

Using 314 Gb drive for RPi is like using a cannon to kill a fly!

Yes certainly when the RPi is used for ADS-B purposes, but as a Web-server the drive space would be very welcome. IMHO :slight_smile:

especially considering they are marketing it with it’s multi-os-bootloader tool, I think the idea is that it’s for people who want the ability to have multiple OS’s queued up and ready to go.

Not sure why they are making such a big deal - the idea is not new since they released a 1Tb PiDrive back in September 2015. Still available if you want the larger capacity.

Search for WDLB001RNN on the US WD site or WDLB001RNE on the UK site. Comes with all the extra hardware kit included.

Hem hem, a 314Gb drive annonced on 3/14/2016 for the Raspberry Pi, a 31.4% discount, for a price of $31.41, this does not tell something to you ?


But it’s mechanical and the world is moving to solid state, not from it!

It’s irrational, like pi :laughing:

Yessss :mrgreen:

I disagree. The connected world has been moving to “cloud computing”. Mass storage isn’t using solid state. No company could afford it.

This hard drive is perfect for many of those Pi projects which require large storage. Or who need to constantly write and rewrite.

Hey guys :slight_smile:

I really like this :slight_smile:

I’d be happy to answer any questions that you might have towards the drive.
People find it quite interesting and useful that the drive is with a USB3.0 connection, thin and light and can store quite a lot of data locally for the Pi.

Feel free to ask if you happen to have questions :slight_smile:


I am also looking for pi drivers. Your link is not working anymore Please share the new link I am using HP 843305-001