i’m trying to use waypoints data from SearchBirdseyeInFlight function.
I see that some flights have the data of waypoinst, and other is empty ( [waypoints] => ).

My idea is capture waypoints for use and create lines in map while a flight going to destination, each time that I refresh the browser.

Ok, if you need more detail, please tell me.

Thank you.


Waypoints represent the planned flight path, and are not always available for all flights. For example, flights outside of our primary coverage areas or are flown by VFR flight following typically will not have route or waypoints.

If the waypoints are not available but the destination is known, it is probably reasonable to just assume a direct (great circle) line to the destination airport, for fallback purposes.

To draw the path that the plane has actually flown already, you can use GetLastTrack or GetHistoricalTrack.


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I’m using GetLastTrack and some fligths draw trajectory and some not, for example:

DLH8267 not draw… [message:protected] => no data available
TAM8003 yes.

The problem is in coverage areas too?

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