Waypoint IDs on map


Hey there, just a quick thought…
Currently, you show the flightplan routing as it is filed when the flight departs. If the routing gets changed during the flight due to weather, traffic, etc, the text wont change to reflect that new routing.

However, the map DOES change, so clearly you have the information as to what the new waypoints are, and what the new routing is. PLUS, we have the option of showing where the waypoints are located on the map. Is it possible to find some way for us to identify what those new waypoints IDs and routings are? Maybe show the waypoint name when we mouse over the little waypoint dot?

Thanks guys!


Wow, that’s a remarkably well researched first post.

The waypoints are provided to us independently of the textual route as an approximation of the expected path. Before and during the flight we get full updates of the waypoints list and process those through to the website. The textual route is updated in full prior to departure, and we process those, but after departure we only get partial updates with generally weird starting points (VOR/radial/distance, etc) so we leave the full route from pre-departure up on the site. The waypoints do not contain any named locations.


Hi, is it possible to search the Flightaware database at any given time to see if a particular waypoint is in flight plans. If so there is a chance it will overfly that location unless the plan changes. Thanks