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Waveshare not working in 4

Did the update to 4 and cant get the Waveshare 3.5” LCD touchscreen to work just get a blank screen with the back light on. I dont need to configure anything like in the old ver. right? Did not see anything in the instructions when I did the upgrade.

Did you use the separate image with LCD support?

I downloaded piaware-sd-lcd-card.zip for a new pi but just did a upgrade to the one with the lcd on it. Bought a new lcd for the new piaware but it has not come in yet. Should I wipe the old sd card and start with the new piaware-sd-lcd-card.zip or does the update have lcd support?

Yes, wipe the old SD card and flash piaware-sd-lcd-card-4.0.img on it. The update for the other image does not have LCD support.

If you want to transfer one of your existing sites, add this line to end of piaware-config.txt before booting it up:

feeder-id <your feeder ID>

Ok thank you. will try that.