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Hosed my PiAware 4.0 LCD display

So I have an Elecrow 3.5 TFT, that would display with the PiAware 4.0 Waveshare 3…5" LCD touchscreen only the touchscreen portion didn’t function, so I got it in my head that I just needed to run the Elecrow TFT script and that would be it.

No joy and now no display either, figure I need to restore to the Waveshare overlays and dbt file.

Any easy way to do this?

@DaveBMD Haven’t tested with other LCD displays. But you could try adding the elecrow35a-overlay.dtb file to /boot/overlays/ and setting dtoverlay=elecrow35a-overlay in /boot/config.txt

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Rebuilt my 4.0 raspberry, no joy in using the Elecrow LCD.
How does one go about calibrating the touch screen?