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Hi, I’ve been using Piaware for some years now and I fancied trying the version that supports an LCD Screen. In my collection of bits I have one of these: Does anyone know whether it’s compatible, or whether I’ll have to do a lot of tweaking…?



It should be compatible. You need to use the piaware LCD build to get it to display anything though as it has a special script to display. I am using a Waveshare clone 3.5 inch touchscreen and it works fine as in general these all use the same interface chip. Pretty sure the adafruit version is similar.

piaware lcd images

See below if you want to rotate it or turn off the blanking.

lcd discussion

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OK, I’ve tried the LCD image and it’s feeding OK but the screen is just showing as white - I’ve had a conversation with customer support and they advise that the Waveshare is the only one compatible. I’ve tried the mods in the lcd discussion but nothing is making a difference. I’ll leave it headless for now.

oh no. Sorry to hear that and sorry that I got it wrong. I did some more research and this white screen problem seems to be common with the adafruit (its even mentioned on the Anmazon page) and is related to the driver. Now I seem to remember having this problem on the waveshare clone way back when I first used it on on piaware5, although when I upgraded to the recent images the waveshare clone worked immediately. Can you post a picture of the back of the board so we can try work out what chipset is in use and try find the right driver.

LCD Drivers

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