Water ingress

Well, it looks like I’ve got some water ingress into my antenna or cable somewhere. I was wondering why I had some funny stats days and now when I think about it it was days it had rained…

This afternoon after a fine day we had a rain storm come through… my main system which feeds here and FR fell over, whilst my portable system soldiered on… sigh…

Portable system:

Main system:

FA Stats page for the main system:

The lightest blue trace is the telling one

Looks like I have some investigating to do next weekend :cry:

Had a chance this afternoon to bring the antenna (a Jetvision A3 https://shop.jetvision.de/epages/64807909.sf/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/64807909/Products/67020) down … not good news.

Found water dripping out of the N connector when I disassembled everything. I think its getting in where the plastic joins the metal base. I’ll let it dry out inside for a few days and then try to reseal it.

Have pressed the Maxrad unity gain antenna that I normally use with my portable setup into service for the interim.

Following several days of heavy rain, my performance plummeted. My antenna is pretty inaccessible so I could not get to it to examine. Then we had a very cold spell, well below freezing, and my range improved, the best ever! With a thaw, I again lost range, but as things dried out, performance returned. Hope to change out antenna next week!