Wanna Buy A Space Shuttle?



Beware: NASA estimates it will cost about $42 million to get each shuttle ready and get it where it needs to go, and the final tab could end up much more.

The estimate includes $6 million to ferry the spaceship atop a modified jumbo jet to the closest major airport. But the price could skyrocket depending on how far the display site is from the airport. Only indoor, climate-controlled displays will be considered.


Anyone care to speculate on who they think would buy one.

My first guess would be Sir Richard Branson, followed by the google boys, Larry Page and Sergey Brin.


The National Air and Space Museum in Washington will take one and then there’s that rich ex-astronaut farmer who wants one but won’t say why!


I think Paul Allen’s rule is that his collection be fly-able. I assume it has to be stored in doors etc… when not in use!


I really hope they bring one to the National Museum of the USAF. I would love to see the Shuttle land in Dayton, OH (on 747 which we also don’t get in Dayton).


I would get one but theres one question… How do you fill 'er up?


They already have one - the Space Shuttle “Enterprise”


“Enterprise” is only a test mule, she’s never flown in space, ergo the museum already has one of the “real” orbiters reserved. It’s a foregone conclusion.



Seattle museum trying to land space shuttle

The Museum of Flight in Seattle is trying to land one of the space shuttles NASA may take out of service.

Museum CEO Bonnie Dunbar is a former astronaut who flew five shuttle missions.

She told KING-TV a shuttle would be housed in a new gallery across the street from the museum.

NASA has invited museums around the country to apply for a retiring shuttle.