First images of New Mexico's Spaceport America revealed.


[ Photo and story ]]( Flight International.


FlightGlobal Report PICTURES: Virgin Galactic unveils Dyna-Soar style SpaceShipTwo design and twin-fuselage White Knight II configuration.

Virgin Galactic Website includes 9 minute video, and ‘How to Book Your Flight on Spaceship TWO’.


They unveiled the plans and progress of WhiteKnight 2 and SpaceShip 2 today also.
Where do I sign up!? :smiley:

Is WhiteKnight 2 right hand drive or left? :confused: 8)


How much does it cost to book a flight?

I was just watching this on both CNN and Virgin Galactic’s websites then came across this post. Really awesome. I can’t believe I’m watching this – IN MY LIFETIME.

Anyone know how much extra training a pilot needs to fly one of these puppies? I know a possible candidate or two.

Here’s CNN’s video which is similar to the one VG has on their website but slightly different.

Experience a Virtual Flight


With Sir Richard’s influence…I’m guessing the right. :wink:


Hmmm??? Just looked up the N number on the model; N339SS


WOW this is just amazing. HISTORY happening!! The first link in this topic is for real LOL. The spaceport is just gorgeous. And it’s real this time, not a cartoon. Construction this year and hoping to open by 2010!! I WANNA GO.

Nevermind my price question. I can’t believe how much it’s come down. Used to cost millions for a civilian to get in line for spacetravel. Now it’s only $20,000 deposit and $200,000 total due. I’ll wait for the discount specials but sure hope I can swing it before I’m 90, or at least know someone who does. I want to take my camera into space!! :open_mouth:

Really interesting how this coincides with the fact that NASA closes the shuttle program in 2010 also.


Have they selected an actual location in NM?..


The article doesn’t mention it yet but they say the design will match the landscape so sounds like they’ve identified their landscape. They’re working with the contractors as we speak.

VirginGalactic’s website says that the first flights with civilians will actually take place from the Mojave spaceport in Cal., until the New Mexico spaceport is completed. Burt Rutan is already set up there at the California spaceport since that’s where he did his testing and design.

Attention all Pilots: Go to VirginG’s website and cick on FAQ up top. There are some amazing aviation advances detailed in this adventure, such as the feathering of the aircraft’s wings and the auto flight leveling on re-entry without any pilot input! You’re all fired LOL Just kidding. Each flight will have 6 astronauts and 2 pilots. Apply now! All passengers are called astronauts. Astronauts go through 3 days of prep and training and a basic medical preview. Doesn’t say what training the pilots go through. The total flight lasts approx. 2.5 hours and that includes a 30 min re-entry.


I was thinking Captain in the left fuselage and FO in the right!! That would make for some cool in flight pics!


I’ve seen signs on I-25 about an hour or so north of Las Cruces…“future home of new mexico spaceport” or something like that…of course, that exit appeared to go nowhere as of last time I passed thru nearly a year ago.


Virgin Galactic To Showcase SpaceShipTwo, WhiteKnightTwo At AirVenture 2008

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Is it just me or does it look like they took a Jetstream 31 or maybe a SWM Metro tail, and the wings of a BAE 146 and put it with the Rutan Space craft (sorry name escapes me) ?