Virgin Galatic to air 4 episodes of reality show . . . … to-U-S-TV/

According to the article the four episodes with air on the National Geographic channel.

Couldn’t help but not it also states Branson’s new show is currently in production in the US - Fly Girls - a reality series about Virgin Atlantic Flight Attendants.

Hmmm - trick question - which one to watch???

Delta . . .

Oh good, here come the flight crew . . .

Is that really Virgin Atlantic FA’s??

Lynx Air - they had a better picture :slight_smile:

Damn - more like Minx Air. And you have to tell me right after I just booked a flight on Virgin - didn’t even know or care where I was going, just was looking forward to the scenery! I wonder if Lynx will take VA tix on trade in?
Where’s Beech? 8)

:open_mouth: Blimey!! Those VA FAs look hot…

What do you mean “look.” More like **are **hot.

After some research, I’m sad to report that 1)the real Lynx Air is actually a cargo shipping company that flies between the US mainland and Caribbean nations and 2) The Lynx Air responsible for this picture is/was Lynx Jet Airlines, a fake Australian airline (owned by the Australian equivalent of Axe Body Spray), apparently making a parody of the ad campaigns of Virgin. Too bad - I was all ready to join the “Mile High Club” (Lynx’s frequent flier program). … t-fantasy/

And good for you Will!! I was actually starting to worry about you and the “those girls are ugly and have cooties” comments - (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

Well Damn the bad luck… :unamused: hmmm…thats NOT such a bad business idea… 8) (The mile high club deal that is)

If this thread seems sexist, then either your a girl, and nothing wrong with that, or this test is for you . . .

Click Here (not that there’s anything wrong with that?)


Will, close your eyes.

Thanks Mom for making me half Danish!

I had something to say…and then…well…huh.

:open_mouth: note to self:
Renew passport immediately. Leave post-it note on fridge…"Honey, had to go to Denmark. Business. May be awhile.
Love ya, bye.‘’ :smiley:

Robb… the blades on that turbofan sure look sharp!

Hmmm, feel like a danish all of a sudden . . .

Apparently not related to my comment!!

:laughing: right…no pun intended.