Virgin Atlantic flight 08

Wondering why Virgin Atlantic flight 08 (VIR8) which usually travels from Los Angeles (KLAX) to London Heathrow (LHR) has landed at Winnipeg International and then taken off to London. Any problem with the flight or has an additional stop been added?? … /KLAX/CYWG

I would guess someone onboard needed immediate medical attention.

yea…i thought the same…but is there any way to find out more details, if possible? … h/main.asp

Canadian Aviation Daily Occurrence Reports. Best place to start.

I don’t see it yet… may show up Monday.

Just stand by… Rob, our Canuck and news source should come through.

Where have you been? :open_mouth:

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Cadors Number: 2009C2231 Reporting Region: Prairie & Northern

Occurrence InformationOccurrence Type: Incident Occurrence Date: 2009/08/15
Occurrence Time: 0355 Z Day Or Night: night-time
Fatalities: 0 Injuries: 0

Canadian Aerodrome ID: CYWG Aerodrome Name: Winnipeg Intl
Occurrence Location: Winnipeg Intl (CYWG) 40 nm SE MOT Province: Manitoba
Country: CANADA World Area: North America

Reported By: NAV CANADA AOR Number: 110261-V1
TSB Class Of Investigation: TSB Occurrence No.:
Event InformationMedical emergency
Fuel - dumping
Aircraft InformationFlight #: VIR8
Aircraft Category: Aeroplane Country of Registration: UNITED KINGDOM
Make: AIRBUS Model: A340-600
Year Built: Amateur Built: No
Engine Make: Engine Model:
Engine Type: Turbo fan Gear Type: Land
Phase of Flight: Cruise Damage: No Damage
Operator Type: Commercial

Detail InformationUser Name: Beauchamp, Carol
Date: 2009/08/17
Further Action Required: No

VIR8 declared a medical emergency and requested a diversion to Winnipeg. Aircraft dumped fuel until 0420z then landed at 0434z. No impact on traffic.

Wow…thanks…I really appreciate that… :wink: