Virgin American 14 hour flight KLAX-KJFK??

Hadn’t hear about this? I suppose this happened last weekend? … 4899.shtml

I know the crew is as aggravated at the situation as the passengers, that is no excuse for acting like that. I have been in a situation where our flight diverted because of weather. Our 757 diverted to GJT from DEN because of T-storms. Then the crew timed out so we were stuck there for hours, but as mad as they were at the situation, they still treated us well.

More like 14 hour trip than 14 hour “flight.”

If I read the story correct, the airport manager would not allow the passengers to deplane. Whats up with that?

That I highly doubt. That was the same story Expressjet used at first at the situation in RST. Airport managers have little to nothing to do with what the airlines do with their passengers.