vintage member?

what is that

Where did you see this?

On the main page, at the very top, it says today is the last day for it.

I believe they are removing the “Member Since” tag on everyones name stating the year you joined. Not sure why they are doing that but its what i understand is happening.

I am okay with that … at least I have a positive number of posts…

It’s the last day to get “Member Since: 2009” of course!

Is this true? I don’t like it. I like be able to tell a persons experience level and welcome him aboard and so on and so forth. :frowning:

I guess if that’s the way it is though I can take it. :smiley:

OHHHH I get it now. That makes perfect sense. Opps. :slight_smile: Tomorrow itll be Member since 2010 hehe

“Member since…” isn’t always a good way to determine experience level. The person could be a member for months or years before making his first posting. A member could make a posting as soon as he signed up and not make another posting for months or years.

In either case, the member could be very experienced using the forum and FlightAware.

And don’t get me started on what I always feel are “feely-goody” statements like “welcome aboard” statements! I personally don’t really care for them. Same thing for postings that wish people a Merry Christmas or a Happy New Year or other holiday.

Which reminds me,
I’m looking for an FA examiner, I’m due for a biannual post review…I probably oughta make a few smart A comments and emergency sorry posts with a message board instructor since I haven’t posted in a while, gotta keep the rust off. The bottom line is, to keep posting safely, you’ve gotta keep your experience level up. This is life and death!


:unamused: oy vey

Will I lose my “Charter Member” indicator also?

Yes, it will change to Clueless Bastard starting tomorrow. :stuck_out_tongue:

Please read what Mduell has posted and take everything else with a grain of salt.

Oy Vey

And don’t forget about the “Death Panels” that can remove users from the Forums for failing to maintain an adequate number of monthly posts!

While I won’t go as far as Dami on the Happy New Year (I page through 'em fairly fast), I do agree on some just-want-to-post things: “Thank you for your post”. Pops up as a new comment, only to find somebody said “saw that, too” with no info. However, in the spirit of the new year, I will bite my already scarred tongue and let them post as a way of communicating…

You mean like the second posting in the Bill Lear Jr. dead at 81 thread. I found the poster’s posting to extremely usefu, highly informative, and well thought out. I found it so great I’ll reproduce it below in it’s entirety:

Hey thanks for sharing this post.

That’s the one.
'Course, now I realize I am guilty of the exact same thing. Think I’ll go back to football.

Psss! Don’t tell anyone else, Tim, but I’m more than likely also guilty.