Vintage "Member Since" Dates


It says, in red, at the top,
“Last Day for Vintage “Member Since” Dates”.
I don’t have a clue what this means. You’re changing the heading?
Jan / CID


It means that if someone signs up within the new year, they can get “2007” on their profile.


Okay, I think you mean the “old” year, though, don’t you? Mine says 2005, so that is the year during which I registered? Thanks, Jan


It must be going over my head. When I put the cursor over the red lettering it sez “New Years Eve” which I don’t get???



CessnaCitationX is right – it’s the last chance to get a 2007 “Member Since” date. Those of you with earlier “Member Since” dates are unaffected.

Happy new year!

Daniel Baker
Member Since 2005


Allen’s a charter member but I’m not… :cry:


Heh heh, I must be the pickable type. Looks like N0AAA came in later then me.

Bet it’s something close to a three to four month period for charter status using Daniel’s date?



Ohhh thats what that means. I have a vintage date :smiley:


I hope I’m a good vintage. :wink:


Nice and old here…and a charter member


That time of year again…


There is not a better site to be a member of for such a period of time. MOST useful tool flightaware is. Would like to see the forums as busy as, just not all the same people. Take care, fly safe, Happy New Year!