Recognition of FA Members


I’ve been seeing lately quite a few members that have had anniversary dates - meaning they have passed their 1, 2, 3 years of being a member of Flight Aware. I think it would be nice to post these daily at the bottom of the forums main page - the user/member/profile name & their anniversary date. For instance: ButterflyLands joined a year ago yesterday 11-16-06. This site exists for its members - right???

That info should be easy to pull I would think but then again I’m not an expert with computer programs & how they run & what you can do with them. I know that on AirShowBuzz they list the newest member & also the birthdays & age that day & of course you have the privilege of sending them a “Happy Birthday” wish - just make it a little more up close & personal & let us know who really sticks in there with us/FA.

JUST AN IDEA - that I see on other sites (aviation related too)… :smiley: