Vienna to London for free

A 20-year-old Romanian man had a lucky escape after stowing away on a plane flying from Vienna to London.

The man hid himself in the rear wheel compartment of the plane which landed at Heathrow Airport on Sunday. He was taken into police custody in London but later released without charge.

He had bruises and hypothermia from outside temperatures as low as -41C, Austrian media reported.

He survived because the plane flew at a low altitude to avoid stormy weather.

The man apparently got under a fence at Schwechat airport in Vienna and climbed into the undercarriage of the first plane he saw without knowing its destination.

The plane belonged to a sheikh from the United Arab Emirates and had been standing empty on the tarmac at Schwechat airport since Thursday.

It flew without passengers to Heathrow, where the Romanian was picked up by police and arrested for stowing away.

As Romania is part of the EU, the man is free to enter the UK.

Free to enter, in both senses of the phrase.