VideoCam on tail

A friend flew from Germany to San Diego on a Lufthansa A350 recently. Aircraft 2 years old.

Seems there was a live video of the landing available on their seat screens, guessing camera mounted on tail-plane or somewhere similar. Just wondering if that is an Airbus or Lufthansa fitting.

Phone used to record the screen and quality very good. Technology amazing.


The tail cameras are found on Airbus’s larger, wide body aircrafts. Although, it is up to the airlines if they want to include this view in their entertainment systems.


We flew Emirates A380 Melbourne to Dubai about 5 years ago.

We could watch either the tail mounted camera or one in the belly aimed vertically at the nose wheel.

Great to watch.


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If I have a window seat I like to video take off and descent but generally on a long haul flight I’ll go for an aisle seat so the live videocam would be fascinating.

I did once when I had internet access follow my own flight on FR24 - pointless exercise but fun. Never been too impressed with the in flight route tracking facility available on the seat screens, not sure if they are specific to airlines but the BA version nowhere near as good as FR24 or ADSB-Exchange.


Made the experience with Etihad on a Flight from Germany to China via Abu Dhabi,

both aircraft (A330) were equipped with cameras going straight downwards

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Yeah, I saw that too, on an Emirates A380-800. I didn’t think to record the take-off from Dulles and, at landing in Dubai, it was against the Sun… oh well.

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That is an impressive view.

A friend flew on an A350 and the tail view looked quite distorted due to the wide angle of view, image quality was good though.

Wonder if Boeing have similar on their new aircraft.


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