Video today : Continental Airlines Jet dumping fuel in NJ !

Continental Airlines 777 with 275 passengers and 16 crew dumping fuel over New Jersey on Sunday May 9 2010 ! Video was shot in 1080p60 mode at full 18x Intelligent Zoom 630mm (35mm eqiv) with a Panasonic HDC-TM700. I have another video uploading now on youtube.

NEWARK – A Continental Airlines flight bound for Tokyo made an emergency landing at Newark Liberty International Airport today about an hour after takeoff, following what officials have called a hydraulic problem.

Continental Flight 9, which departed Newark at 11:25 a.m., landed back at the airport at 12:15 p.m., said Julie King, a Continental spokeswoman. None of the 275 passengers or 16 crew members was hurt. The plane had been bound for Narita International Airport in Tokyo.

The jet, a Boeing 777, was taken out of service and is being inspected to determine the cause of the problem. A different plane was put into service to take the passengers to Tokyo.

Kathleen Bergen, a spokeswoman for the Federal Aviation Administration, said the plane was forced back because of “a hydraulic problem.” She did not elaborate.

The jet was loaded with fuel for what is normally a 14-hour flight, and had to circle above central New Jersey to dump enough fuel and lighten it sufficiently for a safe landing. “This is normal,” she said.

The Boeing 777 is equipped with “a backup duplicate system, but when there is an issue with the hydraulic system, the procedure is to get back on the ground,” King said. … _retu.html

Continental Airlines 777 with 275 passengers dumping fuel over New Jersey ! w/ATC audio link - YouTube)

Johnny on the spot with that video. Nice shooting.

The native 165mb 1080p60 video could be downloaded from Vimeo.
777 jet with 291 people dumping fuel over New Jersey ! on Vimeo)

Now that was awesome! Never seen that before…

A Continental airlines flight landed safely at Newark International Airport, after blowing a tire on takeoff, and a hydraulics issue.

A Continental spokesperson tells Eyewitness News, Flight 9 from Newark to Tokyo took off at 11 a.m. when the pilot declared an emergency and had to dump off much of the aircraft’s fuel in order to return the flight safely.

The flight had 275 passengers and 16 crew members on board made the safe landing at 12:15 p.m., once the plane had a safe landing weight following dumping fuel. … id=7431712

I live aprox 1 mile south of Solberg N51 When i first heard it i thought it was a military jet, It was using SBJ VOR as an inbound fix for a holding pattern, confirmed by watching on flightaware. At first I thought the fuel dump was vapour off the wings but it was too dry for that today.


Tracking page: … /KEWR/RJAA


I live in Somerset, not to far from 47N and saw this plane fly over my house a few times (couldn’t miss it…it rattled my windows), and wondered what the story was…now I know.

Something just dawned on me and I need to follow-up on my previous post. A bit after seeing that plane flying overhead a few times, I was outside talking to my neighbor and actually made a joke to the effect of “did a paint truck flip over or something?” because there was a strong smell outside that smelled kind of like spray paint or stain. We just assumed that someone was staining their deck or something.

Was that the dumped fuel that we were smelling?!?! Why would they dump the fuel so low over a populated area when the ocean is 15-20 miles east?

Yes, that almost certainly was the dumped fuel you were smelling and, if they dumped it over the ocean within 50 miles of shore and it left a sheen (pretty much a certainty), they’d be subject to a fine and cleanup costs.

Now you guys know what its like ot live on board an Aircraft Carrier. Your clothes smell like JP5, you shower with it and you drink it. LOL…

Dump fuel over ocean - incur fine
Dump fuel over populated area of New Jersey - not a problem

WTF? :confused:

You missed a small detail… :laughing:


Yeah, well… I WAS going to make a NJ wisecrack - but it was just too easy!

Given that the OP and a couple of forum regulars reading this thread live there, I didn’t wanna go there.

Isn’t that a form of recycling?

Someone mentioned that the Solberg Airport owner were the 777 Continental jet was dumping fuel over said the landing gear was stuck in the down position after a failure of the jet’s hydraulic system. The tower at Newark also notified the pilot of venting on the left side of the 777 after a tire blew. BTW the Solberg Airport owner is also a retired United Airlines pilot. … d_tir.html