Continental B777 forced to dump fuel land EWR - photo

FlightAware Flight Tracker Continental Flight COA9.

from Aviation Herald A Continental Airlines Boeing 777-200, registration N77006 performing flight CO-9 from Newark,NJ (USA) to Tokyo Narita (Japan) with 275 passengers and 16 crew, took off Newark’s runway 22R and was just about being handed off to departure, when the tower reported seeing unusual venting off the left hand main gear of the aircraft and the crew of another airliner observing the takeoff reported the airplane still had its gear out.

The crew reported on departure they had a hydraulics problem and needed to return to the airfield. The airplane levelled off at 3000 feet and entered a holding at 5000 feet. The airplane landed safely on runway 22R about one hour after takeoff. The airplane vacated the runway but requested a tow from the adjacent taxiway.

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