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Air Canada 778 emergency


Any clue what happened?

Weather in Toronto? I know the weather doesn’t look that bad but perhaps a combination of worse than forecast winds aloft and potential holding made a fuel stop the prudent thing to do. It looks like they were on the ground just long enough to fuel, or throw off an unruly passenger, before leaving.

Do you know if they declared an emergency or just landed?

They moved planes to other runways because the tower had it as an emergency.

ok, in Denver or Toronto?

:open_mouth: I checked the Denver news outlets- nothing about a diverted flight made it there. It may have been buried by the stories about the Broncos.
Oh, and the Anteater at the Denver zoo that is used in outreach programs- is pregnant.

en route from San Diego to Toronto diverted to Denver.

Must not have been much of an emergency since the departed right away.

They were on the ground for almost 11 hours. :arrow_right: flightaware.com/live/flight/ACA7 … /KDEN/CYYZ

That is a quick turn for some airlines. … Must learn to subtract one of these days.

Mechanical divert.

TSB Report#A14F0010: The Air Canada Airbus A319-100 (C-FZUG, AC 778) was on route when the crew received a “HYD G ENG1 PUMP LO PR” on the ECAM. Crew followed QRH procedures and diverted to Denver for maintenance action. Aircraft landed uneventfully. Maintenance found the #1 engine Green System EDP driveshaft sheared. The pump was replaced and the case drain filter was checked for contamination. The aircraft was returned to service with no further faults reported.

Amazing they could fix the pump so fast. United MX must have been sitting around twiddling their thumbs.

Or maybe they had a heads-up from the A/C. had a fair idea of where the problem was and were ready to start swapping parts.

It may have been because of the weather in Toronto