mechanical the other day … /KLAX/KIAD

I have a friend who I believe was on this flight…he had said he was on a flight from LAX to IAD on the 15th that left, had to dump fuel and return to LAX and then he left later…any ideas if this is the flight and if not had anyone heard about this incident?

The A320 cannot dump fuel.

That URL gave me a normal track, ending at IAD. Did you mean this one? … /KLAX/KLAX
(Perhaps your link was the second attempt after a repair/replacement.)

I see a bunch of loops over Catalina, but only 0:32 total flight time. Can’t dump fuel, and can’t burn much in a half-hour, so it must have landed still nearly full. Maybe the loops were for diagnosing, or waiting for a turn in the arrival queue?

Oh yeah…forgot that little fact…tks!

Welcome to FA!!

Jackpot!! yep burning fuel. As was pointed out A320 can’t dump, just burn.

Pax got a nice view of Catalina… 30 times!