Video of off-airport C172 crash

#1 overweight. Also, not enough rudder on takeoff perhaps?way


Looks like he raised the nose to a high pitch, critical angle of attack at a slow speed and stalled it. It also looks like the rudder just aggrevated the departure stall because of the increased drag at such a low speed.

The rudder shouldn’t have been applied that fast and rotation should have been made at a higher speed to accomidate the higher pitch/lower airspeed short-field takeoff climbout.

Even if that amount of rudder was needed for a crosswind, you would do a normal crosswind takeoff (by taking off with aileron into the wind) which would include side-slipping the airplane, and THEN allowing it to weather-vain into the wind when out of ground effect and a positive rate of climb established. Obviously, that was not the action the pilot took…



IMO, overweight and extremely poor technique. In another thread I’ve seen about this somewhere else there was a lot of talk about the position of the controls, but dont think that was it. The pilot did not keep the plane on the “runway” at all. It looked like he kept the nose even higher than he needed to (even for a soft field technique, and probably due in part to a very aft CG). He appeared to have more than adequate ground roll distance remaining. Even overweight, I think the airplane could have been flyable.


Ah, but no one seems to take in the fact of the passenger in the front seat. She seems very upset and could have stomped (or just had her foot) on the rudder during the take-off roll distracting the pilot from flying the aircraft.

Could of happened.


The aircraft involved seems to be a 182 not a 172 indicated by the cowl flaps and the oil cooler in the engine intake. Not that it makes a difference, the results were the same.


So much for a Skylane will carry anything you can pack into it. :unamused:


Linkie no workie (for me). All I get is a “You Tube” logo and “ALL YOUR VIDEO ARE BELONG TO US.” I tried just going to the main page " ", I tried using MSIE and Netscape, and still no joy. Has the file been removed?


Link worked for me. Horrendous!

A 206 with properly inflated right tire and a different pilot would have made it. I would like to ‘see’ more of what the anchor said at the end.

Take two: So what happened to the patient?