Video of 8-year old wing walker ???

YouTube If I were with child welfare, I think I’d seriously be looking into this video.

YouTube hmmm, just came across a 2nd video, apparently its his Grandfather at the controls, hope his dad knows!!!

You Got To Break An Egg To Make An Omlette.

While I dont’ condone this kind of shenanigan, he looked secured and strapped in just as if he was sitting in the cabin so I can’t imagine him falling off.

Can’t tell though if he was adequately protected, no head gear for sure, and looked like he had sunglasses on to protect his eye, not sure if he was adequately protected for impact from bugs, birds and whatever other airborne objects there may be. This is what bothered me the most.

I think this ranks up there as one of the dumber things, but not the dumbest things I have seen kids been put through by so called responsible adults.

Well for Crap sake… I could strap my 7 year old Yellow Lab to a custom brace on the wing of my Cherokee and probably make the Guinness Book of Records! :unamused:

Check out this crazy Meatbomb “wingwalking”. Mind your head around the spinning bits Mate!!!

Now if you’ll all excuse me I’m going to go check the garage for some scrap metal to build a brace and maybe some dog-sized goggles. Allen, I made need some help getting this up to Youtube… stay tuned.

I think it should be called wing standing. :unamused: Brave kid. :wink: