Thunderbirds What you don't see

Here is a video of one of the thunderbirds solo #6 I think. It’s the stuff that you don’t see. The 2nd video is some cool clips. Note the flying through Chicago.
Clip #1
Clip #2
Tell me what you think of them. And Please watch both there very good. Enjoy

I think if; while flying in an airplane going many hundreds of miles per hour, at a few thousand feet, upside-down; my lap belt were not secure…I’d have much more colorful language than “Holy cow…I don’t think my lap belt is secured.” I’ll spare you the specifics, you can use you imagination.

In the second video, I’m quite impressed by the dexterity and wherewithal of the pilot to pluck the errant piece of detritus out of the air while flying an 8-point hesitation roll. Nice.

Also in the second video, starting at about 2:40, where the planes seem to merge into one form as the camera angle changes is neat.

I was amused with the shot about half way through the first clip when all the crap is laying on the canopy upside down and the pilot politely gives his wingman the bird. I can only imagine what the radio communication would have been like.

Interesting how he can be flying upside down and retreive stuff from the top of the canopy!

Always wear your lap belt!

Given the fact that he sounds about 16YO, I’d hazard a guess that you’re watching an orientation flight for a new ground crew member.

Could be the strongest language he’s ever used up to that point in time…

The amount of skill required for a human to accomplish such speed and power with such precision and risk, just blows me away. Have to respect the line “boys and their toys.”

Watching these guys calmly pick up objects from the canopy while inverted at 500+kts just goes to show the comfort level that tons and tons of practice brings. Well, that and being a s*#@hot pilot.
Loved the shot of the guy flipping off his wingman. obviously he had just been on the recieving end of a little squadron love.

I would imagine that he learned the other words pretty quickly. :laughing: