Video - introducing Russian Airline - AviaNova


Click Here :slight_smile: They have the cleanest A320 fleet!!!


:open_mouth: BOING!!!


:open_mouth: WHOAAA!!! :wink:

  1. was there a A320 in the video??? :laughing:


I didn’t see one? :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m old enough to remember the old days of the USSR. We thought all Russian women looked like the Bulgarian mens shot put team. Not to mention the ugly ones…
After my first trip to what was still the USSR but in it’s dying days I realized THEY LIED TO US.


John in Saudi


Only about the ones in Mokba, Vladivostok, etc.!

Once you got outside the larger cities, most of the women made the Bulgarian mens shot put team look good. :unamused:


Has anyone seen the “Russian Women looking for American Men, Order yours Now” ad. I seem to have misplaced mine…I hate when that happens. :confused:




I agree the ones out in the sticks have to work the farm and do not get to dress up very often, but I’ve seen a few good ones out there too.