Volga-dnepr at BDL


Would anyone know what this flight into Bradley would be? I’m assuming it’s an Antonov.


If it’s the Mriya I’m getting in my car and going there now.


I just realized they don’t have the 225. So I’m thinking it’s a 124.


I’ve been to Baku a couple of times. If the crew is lucky they will have a mechanical in Ct. for the next two weeks.


Awww, come on. Baku is a fun place! Great nightlife. Amazing history. Rocks that literally burn. And just a smattering of corruption, completely incomprehensible bureaucracy, and general back of the world fun.

You’ve gotten spoiled with your functioning plumbing and all… :wink:


lol, it has been close to 20 years since I was there. In those days it"s claim to fame was it had the worlds most disgusting airport toilet.