US Navy Aircraft Identification


Can anyone help me to identify this US Navy aircraft that I saw on Sat, 17-Feb? It was in the vicinity of Wayne, NJ, at the time and may have been in-bound to the Essex County Airport, (KCDW), in Fairfield, NJ. I did not see any cilvian registration numbers, which might also explain why I can’t find it through any of the usual flight tracking services.

I also tried searching for it using the numbers I could read but came up mostly empty. I thought it could be a Beechcraft T-34 Mentor or a T-28 Trojan except this plane has fixed landing gear and all the photos I saw of the thirty-four and twenty-eight show what looks like retractable gear. Also, in these pictures, the wings seem boxy and square to the fuselage where the wings on the other aircraft appear tapered and swept.

Thank you, in advance, for your assistance and consideration.


That looks like a Grumman AA-1 Yankee whose owner has painted it in USN trainer aircraft colors. It’s definitely not any USN trainer, past or present.


All noted and thank you very much for your identification of this airplane!

I am a little surprised that the registration numbers are not more prominently displayed.

I’ll be posting this picture in the gallery as the AA-1 while I continue to search for the reg numbers and any more precise ID for the aircraft type.

Thank you again.


Could the registration have something with the numbers painted in the front of the aircraft?
Something like N981… I am just guessing.
I tried to look it up in the FAA register, but it does not accept only a portion of the plane reg.


Most likely it doesn’t have the big 12" numbers most people are used to on small aircraft. Some aircraft - most pertinently those >30 years old - are allowed to display much smaller numbers, which would be hard to pick up in a photo like this.

See for more information.