Uploaded photo ownership

Hello Staff,

I have and plan to continue to have photos that I am willing to share with FlightAware.

If / when I do so, does FlightAware recognize that I am the photographer with all rights to the picture?

For example, if an outside advertising or news agency was to contact you regarding the photo would you forward the request to me or take the liberty to allow the uploaded photo to be published without my permission.


From FA terms of use… http://flightaware.com/about/termsofuse

You grant FlightAware a worldwide, royalty-free, unlimited, irrevocable license to use, transmit, distribute, and sell any submitted photography or media content You acknowledge that the owner of any submitted content continues to retain ownership to the submitted content.

Have you ever sold, distributed, or published any of my “owned” photography? If so, would you provide me the details? Do you provide my information to the “purchaser” so I would get proper credit?