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Upgraded python opss


Hi all i updated thisavo to inc python3.5 and messed up my only live sdcard
on it was piaware and few clients update the python to allow latest client and all went south

do the updating of python affect piaware if its 3.5.< ? on piaware 3.5.3
i have loads of pi’s and sdcards spare filters amps antenna’s …Paradise


piaware as far as i know does not need python. if it does i’m pretty sure it can handle older versions.

how did a python upgrade mess up the card? :wink:


What OPSS has to do with python? :wink:



It just wouldnt fire up
what i did was update to 3.5.1 python then updating which may have caused more problems but the client i wanted to updat neede python newer than piaware had to offer
i tried several times but failed im on my last for tonight to get piaware runninfg so i dont loose my stats
id like to run piaware flightaware
with 360 client and adsb-receiver and VDL2
i will keep trying


upgrading a piaware sd-card with dist-upgrade won’t work or so i’m told.

which stats are you worried about? the online stats will carry over with the feeder-id.
the local graphs could theoretically also be copied if that’s what you are talking about.

i believe the new piaware images should work with dist-upgrade.
anyway getting a raspbian image and installing everything is not a bad idea usually.


I some how had double blacklists on pi killed both and redone blacklist all ok now