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Updating local DB

Both of my Raspberrys are still running fine with the database extracted from VRS and my modified markers.js. That’s three days now so as @obj said, it obviously WAS something else that caused them to choke and I just have to accept that I’ll probably never know what it was.

Having proved that VRS data can be extracted and converted to update dump1090-fa, I’m happy but as previously mentioned, I think there are too many problems with sharing data to be practical and users would need to have an instance of VRS running.

The thing is that running the extracted data through the toolchain involves downloading and installing dependencies that may only be needed for that one operation and requires skills beyond some users’ abilities.

Even if the process could be simplified and automated, if a user has VRS running, would they even care about the data being shown in Skyview?

I hardly ever look at it myself and only embarked on this project to see if it was possible.

I watch my map for an hour occasionally and anything that shows up as unknown I update the DB with manually.

Wow, +1 for dedication that man!

All these light coloured ones aren’t in the database, is that correct?

Really need to get an updated set of files. My basestation.sqb file is now up to nearly 5Gb and I’m happy to pass that on if anyone is maintaining an updated master file.

Scroll all the way down for the legend.

Ahh right, thank you.

Is there any easy way to see which ones aren’t in the database?

Pull up the full table, sort by registration and scroll down?

Perfect. Five out of 330 on my receiver but pages and pages on the MTG feeder :eek:

If you have the most current tar1090, then that’s most likely because i’m supplementing with the data from the pfclient webinterface.
Or it’s just your converted basestation database, don’t know your setup.

Did you make changes to the system at MTG? Looks fine to me this morning.

It’s auto updating the tar1090 page which I think contains a more recent database. I haven’t actually done anything to it manually.

There’s a bit of ‘wiedehopf magic’ happening there I think - he mentioned PFclient in his post, which I assume means it is getting data from Plane Finder somehow.

If you’re still collecting data in VRS, could you export it and give me access to it how you did before?

Sure, I’ve done the export and uploaded it to the same place as last time.
/edit - I’m not taking in anything external now so it’s only what’s being seen from the receivers feeding into my VRS

Got it.
Thanks. It is very strange that it is still only about half the size of my export but I’m going to try and compare it to what I have.

Don’t forget that you’ve been exporting to the db for a lot longer than I have. If mine is half the size of yours, that’s actually pretty good.

Stop giggling at the back :blush:

In the case of the mtg tar1090 no local pfclient is running, thus no additional data.

On the other hand on his main station a local pfclient is running: http://g6nhu.getmyip.com:1085/tar1090/

If you find any route information, then there is some local pfclient data being integrated :slight_smile:
I’m just locally looking for this interface and get some data if it’s there: http://pi:30053/

(No magic involved)

While it is true that I’ve been logging data on VRS for four years, I see a small part of the sky here so I assumed that you would see a greater variety of 'planes than I do.

I do get a lot of traffic crossing the Atlantic though so maybe that helps.

There you go, under-selling yourself again!

I presume it just appears on the client and is not populating the database?

Would it be way too complicated to do that?

Populate which database? Why?

Anyway the information provided is meant for local viewing. That’s what i use it for.
Systematically collecting it, i wouldn’t want to do that.

I think we’re at cross purposes. I was thinking about registration numbers and aircraft types but you are talking about something else.