Unusual Peak in Charts

Hi all,

any thoughts where that peak in one hour might have come from?
None of the stations around me are showing that.

My local stats do not show that peak:

Did you run Skyaware Anywhere during that time ? That increases the postion count.

I had it open, but only for a few minutes.

That doesn’t make sense at all, someone can simply “fake” the position count.

This is from obj, he confirms this added postion count :wink: and yes you could increase your postion count but not the aircraft count. That’s why the ranking sometimes can be off from reality

objFlightAware Staff

Jul 16

While you’re viewing SkyAware Anywhere, piaware sends positions at a higher rate to improve the track quality you see. This is expected.

The count reported by the server-side stats is a count of summary reports sent to the FlightAware servers. These reports summarize recent information received; they do not correspond 1:1 to messages from the aircraft.

The rate at which they’re emitted varies depending on what the aircraft is doing. e.g. an aircraft flying in a straight line at FL350 might only generate a report once every 30 seconds; an aircraft that’s flying a pattern at 1500ft might be reporting once a second.

When you’re viewing Skyaware Anywhere the report rate is scaled up so that you don’t have large gaps in the displayed tracks for aircraft that otherwise wouldn’t generate reports very often.

If you’re interested in collecting the raw message or position rate seen by your receiver I’d recommend wiedehopf’s excellent graphs1090

Thanks, that is bad

launching the site should not impact any stats
That makes the positions stats useless

But i read it more that it’s the stats of the skyaware page, not the stats in the profile itself.
Maybe @obj can confirm what’s right or wrong.

As far as I inderstand it the statistics on the statistics page are the collected messages from your station.
If the postion count increases that has an effect on the reported postions and that is reflected on the statistics page.
It doesn’t influence the local count but that isn’t reported to FA.

Yes, that would be correct. But just opening the Skyaware Anyware page should not change the number of positions my device is reporting. That doesn’t make sense because these are then no “real” positions.

No, that is exactly what it does. You are confusing “positions seen by my device” with “positions reported by my device to FlightAware”.

I still do not get it. Why should the number increase just because i am opening a web I interface getting positions from the data i am uploading?
I understand the approach to increase accuracy, but the relation is unclear to me.

The chart says “Hourly Collection” and these should be for my understanding the positions reported by my receiver. The Skyaware Anyware should take this and show it on a map, but not increase that number.

What happens if i log in five times on different devices and open the remote map? Will this also increase the number five times?
Does it have also an impact to the positions reported per day?

Had it now open for 10 Minutes, so longer than this morning. But the peak is not as significant as this morning… Strange

Anyways… I’ll keep the site closed now.

Because having SkyAware Anywhere active causes piaware to report positions at an increased rate.

Piaware does not report every received position; it summarizes and periodically sends a single summary report per aircraft with the latest aggregated data. The frequency of the reports varies depending on a number of factors: aircraft altitude, speed, rate of change of speed/heading/altitude, air/ground status, whether there has been a recent change in squawk or ident, whether SkyAware Anywhere is active or not, etc. The website stats reflect how many of these summary reports were received. They are not a count of the ADS-B positions received by your receiver and never have been.

I’d like to improve this so that the reported website stats are not so distorted - for example, one approach would be to count reported-unique-aircraft-minutes, not report counts - but that is a project for another day (and every time I touch the stats stuff, these forums make me regret it)

Thanks @obj again for taking the time to explain in that level of detail.

I am sorry causing this :sleepy:

No worries, it is basically just a spacebar heating problem …


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