Unmarked (no registration) B767-200 at IAD


I was on-board a UA 777 from IAD-LHR on Sept. 26th, at approximately 6:10PM, and saw an unmarked (no registration!) B767-200 taxi quickly passed the queue and depart (looked like it was receiving some sort of priority). The airplane had tan paint, no logos, no registration.

Have done a search of spotters-sphere for “767-200, no markings” and have not come up with anything. Any thoughts?


Tan on the bottom, white on the top, with two blue stripes?


Yes, sounds like it. Any ideas?


N767VA, but it didn’t depart until 1AM on the 27th.

And there is a hard-to-see registration painted on it.


Thanks! That’s definitely the plane. Funny…I saw it take off…perhaps was just doing a VFR test flight (no flt plan)…would explain the #1 for the runway while the rest of us waited for IFR sequencing.

What sort of business takes them to Bratislava from IAD?


Possibly visionairintl.com/ but the website doesn’t mention a 767.


I give up - I looked for the registration and couldn’t find it. Is it the black smudge on the lower fuselage cabin door?


Look to the right of the rear cabin door and you will see a small dot. The “N” is directly above it! Took me a while too!


Or, care of the Photoshop burn tool:


Even knowing where it is, and without the benefit of Photoshop, I still cannot see.

I wonder how they got away with the nearly invisible registration. I’m pretty sure that’s not according to FAA regulations.


The you need a new monitor. I can see it just fine with my laptop.


Actually, a little wiping of the screen with a monitor wipe and found it! Didn’t realize my monitor was so dusty!


Changing the laptop screen inclination helped me see the registration


This aircraft sometimes operates under the callsign “TARA”. Operations include KADW-Andrews AFB, KRME-Rome/Griffis (former Air Force and still home to AF electronics labs), KIAG-Niagara Falls NY. Could this be another CIA bird? :open_mouth:


This seems to be a growing trend, N770BB (757) also has an inivisible(sic) reggo. The FAA says the numbers must be in a ‘contrasting color’, which is obviously open to interpretation :confused:


The numbers are HIGHLY contrasted when seen with NVGs :slight_smile:


Uncle flies “white tails” all the time.

Sometimes it’s easier to “do business” ,state dept or otherwise, when no one knows your in town.

Just ask Henry Kissinger.

As for the tail number contrast same applies. Keeps “interest parties” from seeing the registration when uncle is on the down-low.


Thats wierd for them to have blocked looking at the flight.
Wonder what caused that. :confused:

Holton :smiley:


What’s even more wierd is if the aircraft was blocked in some non-standard position thus bringing additional attention it.


Very true.

Wonder what they are up to :question:

Holton :smiley: