University of Hawaii Football Flights


I see the outbound flights for KHNL to KSEA on Sept 8th and KHNL to KLAS on Sept 15th but I do not see a return flight for either road trip. Do they use different flight #s for the outbound and inbound flights? I am trying to check their flight to Louisiana today. I see they used HAL 1022 to KSEA and HAL 1008 to KLAS. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


The flight isn’t up yet although you’d think they’d be leaving sometime today. I’d just keep an eye on HAL as an operator and the airports at MLU and LFT (most charters to Louisiana Tech use MLU but the runway is only 7,500 ft and I have doubts the aircraft could take off from there with any useful range).


Thanks for the reply I appreciate it!


The LA Tech trip might be one of their combination game trips where they stay on the mainland and then play San Jose State before heading back. In 2009, the Warriors flew to LAS to play UNLV I think commercial and then after that game, hung out in LAS for a few days before flying a charter AA MD82 to MLU to play La Tech. They then flew the MD82 back to DFW where they then flew commercial AA back home. They might do something similar and fly commercial again. They could already be in Dallas and will fly to MLU tomorrow. And yes, HA seems to always use the next number in sequence for the return flight home. Tracking the Raiders and Seahawks, if 932 would be the outbound flight, the flight home would be 933, etc.


Thanks for the info. I thought this might be one of their extended Mainland trips also but they do not play next week, the SJSU game is in 2 weeks so certainly they will go home. They had back to back games over here at UNLV and UW and they actually went back to Hawaii in between. I know they’ve flown over early in the past but looks like they arrived in SEA on Thurs evening from HNL and arrived very early Fri morning (5:50 AM) in LAS also from HNL.

Thanks for your help though.


Hawaii often flies commercial, so tracking their flights can be rather difficult at times. I was unable to find charter flights for the return trips to PHNL for either of their September games in Las Vegas or Seattle, so I can only assume they flew commercial home on those trips.

The advice of the previous poster is correct - watch arrivals at KMLU or KSHV. In the past, I know they have flown commercial to someplace like DFW, then flown on a SWA or AAL charter from there to KMLU or KSHV. The commercial leg from overseas will be impossible to distinguish, but you may be able to pick up the charter leg on the mainland, at least.

Hope this helps.


Interestingly, the Seahawks switched to DAL for their latest trip against the Steelers (DAL8871). I’m not sure if that is merely a one-off or the beginning of a trend. Guess we’ll have to watch and see.


Oops, I missed that minor detail. :blush: :mrgreen: :slight_smile:

It’s just a one-off I believe. The Raiders were also on the road that weekend and guess HAL didn’t have another 767 to use.


It appears that this will be their charter: … /KHOU/KMLU

Probably flew commercial to Houston.