United States VFR Sectional Viewer


FlightAware has just released a great new application for pilots or aviation enthusiasts – you can now view VFR Sectional Charts (visual aviation navigation charts from the FAA) for the entire United States on any airport information page under the Sectional tab. The sectional viewer supports zooming, panning, scrolling, and navigating the entire map just like the flight tracking maps.


Search for any airport code (e…g, LAX) on the left side search box and click “View Info” and then select the “Sectional” tab on that page. From there, you can zoom in/out, or drag & pan the map anywhere in the country. If you want to quickly find another airport on the sectional, enter the airport code above in the orange box and the sectional will jump to that position.

If you haven’t already explored the airport resources section, you should check out FlightAware’s FBO listings,
weather, airport diagrams, and IFR terminal procedures.

Want a closer look? Click the pop-out window icon in the lower right and get a resizable, full-sceren verison:


Please help us spread the word to your friends (via email, twitter, facebook, etc) and give us feedback on these new features here. Also, we have **a lot more features[/lot] coming soon to FlightAware.com – even more map functionality (bringing the new technology to airport, fleet, and aircraft maps) as well as improvements to photos, flight planning, and more.

Thanks to the FAA and NACO for their contributions and thank you for using FlightAware.**