New Map Styles - Earth View, VFR Sectionals


Hello from FlightAware!

As we promised when we released new maps last week, we’ve already got some additional features to release!

We’re pleased to announce new, user-selectable map styles and backgrounds for flight tracking maps; in addition to the current style, you can now select Earth View (satellite imagery) and VFR Sectionals.


To change the map style, load a flight tracking map and simply click the “+” icon in the upper right of a flight tracking map and select different map styles or overlay options.

Earth View

The cloudless earth view is from NASA satellite imagery and covers the entire planet.

Sectional View

These VFR sectionals are from the United States Department of Transportation’s National Aeronautical Charting Office and are current VFR navigational charts used by VFR pilots. They provide excellent reference points for VFR and IFR flights. These charts on FlightAware cover the Continental United States, Hawaii, and Alaska but not US territories such as Puerto Rico and Guam.

Please help us spread the word to your friends (via email, twitter, facebook, etc) and give us feedback on these new features here. Also, we have a lot more features coming soon to – even more map functionality (bringing the new technology to airport, fleet, and aircraft maps) as well as improvements to photos, flight planning, and more.

Kudos to the FlightAware map team for their hard work as well as NASA and the US DOT/NACO for their contributions.

Thanks for using FlightAware!