United elimintates 500 nm minimum


United joins US by eliminating the 500 nm minimum for every flight. Sure makes short flights seem less attractable on the airlines.


That’s sort of the point, while people are welcome to book ORD-IND, the airline isn’t a bus and isn’t meant to replace one. They want that route to serve people flying IND-ORD-ANC or IND-ORD-NRT, not necessarily local traffic.


I have always thought that the airlines really were a bus in the sky. You get 30 inches of legroom, and a cramped seat. Not a limo in the sky, that’s for sure. Of course, this initiative will save them millions and every penny counts…I am done with United however.


You obviously have an axe to grind with United and rip on them every chance you get and think that SouthWest is some sort of godly company.

Even if they did make serious improvements, it’s not like you’d ever acknowledge that fact.


The reason I grind United is because I think they are the worst run airline in the sky, in large part due to Tilton. They used to be my favorite legacy (ch. 9), but with their latest intiatives, I will react. I also don’t love southwest. However, they are unarguably the best run company in the sky, and give the customer what it wants, and have a great employee morale. I think with good management, United can be turned around, but they are not heading in the right direction in my opinion. If UA can turn around, I will fly them again.

I think at this point the industry, it is question of finding out who the worst are, not the best.