United diverts (lands in wrong place?) to Gary, IN?


Got a call from a friend in Chicago, a few minutes ago, asking if I knew anything about United landing one at Gary, Indiana last night? She said she’d heard they landed at the wrong airport, then she heard it diverted because of weather. They supposedly then bussed the passengers to ORD.

Don’t see any evidence here of an airline arrival or departure last night at/from GYY.


Here it is going back to ORD



Thanks, I had looked for the repositioning flight before I posted, but it didn’t take off until after my post. Thanks again.


I was in a hold for wx into ORD two weeks ago (surprise, surprise). FO came on the PA and told us we were running low on fuel (coming from SFO) and if the hold lasted 10 more minutes we would divert to Gary and be bussed to ORD. Fortunately we were given clearance after about 5 minutes and I even made my connection.


That happens a lot more than you might think. I have been on 2 flights that did the same thing.