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Unexpected Data Upload


I have a headless Zero feeding data to Flightaware and FR24 and previously adsbX. My system also has Pi-Hole running.

Checking Pi-Hole today I noticed my Zero was sending data to adsbX that I thought I had cancelled. There is no security issue with this, the cancellation was due to a program setup problem I was experiencing but I am now curious,

HTOP shows the following;

/bin/sh /home/adsbexchange-netcat-maint.sh
** |_ /usr/bin/socat -u TCP:localhost:50003 TCP:feed.adsbexchange.com:51321**
/bin/sh /home/adsbexchange-mlat-maint.sh

Neither of the two scripts in my home directory exist, think I recall deleting when I had a program problem but seems socat is still doing something.

I used to submit to adsbX on custom port 51321 but that option disappeared from the adsbX web page.

Has anyone a suggestion as to how I can check if any data is still being submitted and how much?


MRTG or PRTG are good network traffic analyzers that use SNMP. Both are no cost for small networks. If you don’t want to upload to adsbX the easiest method is to block them in your router.

Have you rebooted since you deleted the scripts?
If not, maybe they are still running.

That might well be the case.

Or it could be that they are actually in /home instead of being in “his home directory” … notice the difference.

Anyhow those old scripts were usually started from /etc/rc.local, if you delete the according lines from there and reboot it should no longer start them.

The current adsbexchange feed scripts and are thus a bit more easy to disable. Also for convenience there is an uninstall included.
Paradoxically to get rid of the old scripts being started you’d have to install then uninstall the new scripts because the installer actually wants to make sure no old scripts are running.

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Oh yes, deleted them ages ago.

As mentioned, I appreciate I could block the address on my router, could do likewise on Pi-Hole.

I am merely curious now as to if it is actually submitting any data.


Or it could be that they are actually in /home instead of being in “his home directory” … notice the difference.

Damn, why didn’t I think of that. Yes, both those scripts are in the /home directory and not the default home directory of /home/pi

So, looks like data is being submitted then. There used to be a ‘custom port’ option on the web page that enabled contributors of data to see their own data on a map but cannot find that.

I’ll have to post a message on the adsbX forum.