Uncontained engine failure on AA MD-80 departing KLGA

AA309 (KLGA-KORD) made an emergency landing this morning at KJFK. Looks like they won’t be able to duct tape this one back together…

article from The New York Times

Here is the flight track:


[quote=“The Media”]The No. 2 engine on an aircraft is the one on the right side, from the perspective of a passenger sitting inside the cabin.

A fact any 747, A340 and A380 captain will dispute! :laughing:

A fact any 747, A340 and A380 captain will dispute! :laughing:

Add to that the 727, L-1011, DC-10, Trident, VC-10, IL-62, IL-96, B707, Ford Trimotor, Ju-52, DC-8, DC-4, DC-6, and all other 3 or more engined aircraft!

Man the media are sharp :unamused:

From the article it sounds as if it was a contained engine failure, not uncontained.

Sounds uncontained to me with pieces of shrapnel embedded in the fuselage. Did I miss something?

EDIT Check that…The story was updated to say all fragments went out the back.

Man, I HATE it when that happens!

Based on some media reports (and yes, I should know better than to trust media reports before titling my threads), it still sounds to me like it might qualify as “uncontained.” According to an article in The Wall Street Journal:

The engine failure is likely to prompt scrutiny by both the Federal Aviation Administration and the National Transportation Safety Board, partly because internal pieces of the right engine pierced its outer cover and some metal fragments were found embedded around the plane’s tail.