Alaska Flight 358 engine out?

Was just on an MD80 (not sure of tail #) from SEA to BUR - flight 358 on 25 Apr.

A little over an hour into flight, a repeating noise and vibration was felt, a cabin pressure change was felt and we seemed to start descending. After a few seconds of that, it sounded/felt like one of the two engines was shut down.

We diverted to SMF and landed without incident (with the exception of the fire trucks). The word while on the plane is that we had an engine malfunction. No word on the cause or whether it was actually out or not. Sounded like one of the engines was working pretty hard upon landing.

Anyone have any additional information on this?

Rex currently shows the following information:

25-Apr-2007 MD83/W Sacramento Int’l (KSMF) Bob Hope (KBUR) 09:42PM PDT 10:36PM PDT Scheduled

25-Apr-2007 MD83/W Seattle Tacoma Int’l (KSEA) Sacramento Int’l (KSMF) 06:50PM PDT 08:09PM PDT 1:19

25-Apr-2007 MD83/W Seattle Tacoma Int’l (KSEA) Bob Hope (KBUR) 06:50PM PDT Diverted

It is likely that the “Diverted” segment will not show up in a few hours - you’ll just see the SEA to SMF and the SMF to BUR legs.

Here are links to the two available legs
SEA to BUR (links to the same as SEA to SMF).

Looks like the malfunction occurred right at 8:00 PM Pacific Time (TRACKLOG). Did oxygen masks drop down because of the pressure change?

The masks didn’t drop down - the change was probably too minute for that. But they sure started descending right away.

No announcement from the cockpit?

Remember the old joke? “If the other one quits we’ll be up here all day”?

I have it from pretty reliable source that it was a right engine surge.

Mike J.