Unclaim PiAware

Hi all

I can’t see how to dissociate a flightaware stick from my account? My dad accidentally claimed his on my account.

Can someone advise?


Sites are associated with the Raspberry PI and not by the receiver. Also another owner can’t claim a site until the original owner has disassociated the site.

One way to disassociate a site is to disconnect the Raspberry PI and disassociate the site through your ADSB stats page.
flightaware.com/adsb/stats/user … tats-31636
It can take a few minutes to hours for this to happen. Once the site is not listed under your account reconnect the PiAware and go through the claim process on the account that should own the site.

Where is the link on the stats page to disassociate the pi?

Thanks. It’s now off, hopefully I get the link tomorrow

I still don’t have an options to remove it 12 hours later

The link will become visible and active after at least 24 hours of inactivity.
At least that is the time it took mine to show up.

I sent an email to the adsbsupport email address and have had a reply. Seems like they can move the site to another account so that should hopefully be completed soon :slight_smile:

Still not moved over yet and the site has been off for 25 hours with no unclaimed button :frowning:

The saga continues, nothing back from FlightAware staff after sending the email address confirmation so we waited out the 24 hours and still no unclaim button, after 30 hours it appears, I unclaim it, my dad fires up the Pi and it magically starts feeding to me account, neither of us have tried to claim it and now I have 3 sites showing on my ‘claim’ section. 2 with the same MAC and a second site on my stats page again…

I don’t understand how it can start feeding to my account after being unclaimed and neither of us trying to claim it!

There is a gotcha, specifically that if an unclaimed Pi logs in from an IP where there is exactly one website session active, it’ll get claimed by that user.
So ideally, log in to the website from the same network as the account you want to claim it before starting the Pi.

(This is counterintuitive and I kinda want to remove it entirely, but it also simplifies things for the common case, so the real fix is to make it much easier to shift sites around)

And yeah, the delay is 30 hours, not 24.

I’ve just got an email to say a move request has been put in to move the site from my account to my dads so hopefully all will be sorted soon.