Unclaim PiAware 2022

I made a PiAware for my brother and I accidentally claimed it.

MAC: b8:27:eb:e0:0b:13
Internet IP:
Site Local IP:

Currently associated with: bhampton2000
Should be associated with TomHampton

Please remove the site ID, it can be hijacked by someone else.

FA-Support should be able to help (support@flightaware.com)

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You can “un-claim” it by generating a fresh feeder ID:

sudo systemctl stop piaware
sudo rm /var/cache/piaware/feeder_id
sudo systemctl start piaware

Now it will behave like a new, unclaimed, site, and you can claim it as the right user.

Isn’t it necessary to delete the setting from the piaware config file if it is documented there?

Well, sure, if you’ve explicitly set a feeder ID there you’ll need to reverse that too, but I don’t see a mention of that in the OP.

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Yes, correct. But i just wanted to leave it here in case of :wink: