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Unable to track Oman Air flights

My maiden post, so please be gentle.

I am trying to create a flight alert for Oman Air ( WY / OMA ) but FA does not seem to recognise the carrier. The flight I wanted to track sometime in the near future is WY 284 BLR-MCT on 3rd Feb.

Can anyone assist ? Other than that, FA works great for my casual needs.



It seems that Oman Air is not tracked. I tried to to follow some of their aircrafts.


I only get:
"FlightAware couldn’t find flight tracking data for A4O-DC just yet.

Please double-check the flight number/identifier. If you typed it in correctly and it’s still not showing up, or you’re not completely sure of the flight number, you should use the FlightAware Flight Finder. If you know the origin and destination of the flight, it will help you find the proper flight number/identifier. "*

Looking around I found a note that Muscat Airport is in the secondary servicearea of flightaware and therefore tracking of MCT might be incomplete (flightaware.com/about/faq#intl). I assume Oman Air is also in the secondary area as it is based at MCT.