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Unable to see Skyview after FR24FEED install


I had a working piaware system which showed my Skyview correctly. I wanted to start feeding data to FlightRadar24 so I installed their software.

Now I am unable to view the SkyView, in my piaware logs I see data is being sent to FlightAware so I believe that part is working.

Does anybody have any ideas to get Skyviewer working again?

sudo lighty-disable-mod dump1090

Also let’s check the fr24feed config if the above doesn’t help:

cat /etc/fr24feed.ini

(replace key by xxxxxxxxxxx)

I ran the commands and have pasted the outputs below. One thing I notice on the FR24 local page it shows “127” aircrafts detected but that number has never changed and when I go to view the aircrafts the list is blank. So I am not sure this is working correctly.

pi@piaware:~ $ sudo lighty-disable-mod dump1090
Disabling dump1090
Run "service lighttpd force-reload" to enable changes

pi@piaware:~ $ cat /etc/fr24feed.ini


use: host=""
in place of: host=""
Save file (Ctrl+o) and Close (ctrl+x).

Do not forget to restart fr24feed (or better reboot the RPi) after saving the changes.

sudo systemctl restart fr24feed

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But is your SkyView working again? Try Ctrl-F5 in the browser.

If it’s not you have to check the webserver:

sudo journalctl -u lighttpd --no-pager
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This worked, I was able to see the SkyViewer and FR24 is recording aircraft correctly.

Thank you!

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From the “learn something new every day file…” didn’t know there was a web interface to my FR24 feed!

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