Unable to reuse old Site ID after replacing faulty Pi board

I am having difficulties with an old style site and a new, unwanted site.

I’ve read about the changes when booting up new feeder identification with the Unique Identifier, but, I’m not sure how to resolve my issue on my own.

My original site is 7448.

My Pi kept crashing (I strongly suspect due to hardware failure that is heat related.)

So, I got a new Pi and placed my existing WiFi dongle, SDR stick and SD card into a new Pi and booted.

I got a new site ID, 43742. I then unswapped the “new” Pi board with my old Pi board and also swapped back the WiFi dongle, SDR stick and SD card.

So, essentially, I replaced the main Pi board only, got a new site, restored the main Pi board only and still have stats going to the new site.

I REALLY want to retain my 7448 site as it has a ton of statistics that I don’t want to lose just because of a faulty main board (especially my streak).

I did some research, but, couldn’t quite understand what needs to happen to keep my old site.

Am I in an edge case as well, or, am I misunderstanding the steps I need to take to resolve my situation.

Summary of questions:

  1. How do I keep site ID 7448 and remove 43742.
  2. How DO I swap my bad Pi main board and retain site ID 7448.

I looked for an FAQ as well, but, couldn’t find anything.

Much appreciated.

Moving an old site to new hardware is not currently supported (you can mess with the MAC address, but do so at your own risk)

If you want to return to the old site ID on the old hardware, stop piaware, remove /var/cache/piaware/feeder_id, and restart piaware.

Fantastic. That did it.


What did it?
(1) Using OLD Hardware and removing file /var/cache/piaware/feeder_id
(2) Using NEW Hardware, spoofing mac address, and removing file /var/cache/piaware/feeder_id