2 Sites after reinstall

I had to reinstall dump1090-mutability with piaware, and now I received a new “Site”.
I’d like to “go back” to my previous Site. Both sites are visible in my dashboard.
How could I do that?? I used the same UserID and password!

Already found the answer myself:
piaware-config feeder-id [the old feeder-id]
#Restart piaware
sudo systemctl restart piaware

The above is valid for installations after march 20, 2017.
The old, unused Site will automatically be deleted after 30 days.

piaware-config feeder-id [the old feedre id ([color=#FF0000]MAC address)]
saved feeder-id in file …

#Restart piaware
sudo systemctl restart piaware

#Check status
sudo systemctl status piaware -l
badly formatted feeder id

#Rebooted Pi
sudo reboot
sudo systemctl status piaware -l
failed to start piaware

Yeah, that’s because you’re doing it wrong, you’re trying to use a MAC address where it wants a 128-bit feeder ID. You cannot move MAC-address-based sites in this way and I have said this repeatedly.

That is exactly what I wanted to show :smiley:

The method described by rexxbr is applicable for OLD SITES REGISTERED AFTER MARCH 20, 2017. These sites do not use mac address as site id. These are assigned a new 128-bit unique site id by flightaware.

Where site identifier of old Pi is still MAC address, I can still do it with mac address spoof.

I have already described both methods here:

Bake a Pi Option-2 Step (9)