UFO seen!


I live in ripon Wisconsin, between Oshkosh and Madison airports, and I am a very avid UFO hunter with many videos. I was curious if anyone flyin around out there sees them as well?




I’m not arguing for or against UFOs here, but there is a fairly active Military Operations Area in that area (VOLK MOA) that may have something to do with it. Just a thought…


Yes, I see them all the time. Half of the time they are chasing things. I have 2 videos of this on u-tube, one of them is still kind of light out with multiple ufos they were chasing for 3 days. Look up wormholes and ufos at dusk, or just look this name up for the channel


I have a YouTube channel dedicated to UFO sightings too! Look me up @ iamafreakingnut or nothingpersonaljustthatidontbuyit.


I totally believe in UFOs. There are always bright lights moving slowly across Denver skies, and I can see them from my house. Blinking white, red, and green. I’ve never identified a single one of them — they were all UFOs. :wink: 8)

Now I suppose if I were to check FlightAware, I could identify most of them; and if I worked at Denver Center, I could identify the rest. Then they would be IFOs I guess.

There is no credible evidence of extraterrestrial UFOs. In fact, somebody once said, essentially, the best proof we have that ETs have not visited Earth is that they would have kicked our ass.

So if you want a place to talk about this ET Area 51 conspiracy UFO flying saucer crap, please go to a blog that was created for it. People here have common sense.


That’s a stretch… But thanks for the thought… :wink:




Not necessarily. Any EBE’s (extraterrestrial biological entities) may not be like the ones shown in Indepedence Day. The could be EBE’s as depicted in Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

Or they could even have a “Prime Directive” that would prohibit them from interfering with anything on earth.

In any case, I’m smart enough to know that there are lots of things still to be discovered, including the existence of EBE’s.


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Not seeing much common sense among us.


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Its a mathematical impossibility to believe WE are the only ones in the Universe. Just my two pennies. :slight_smile:


And there’s nothing special about us or our little portion of the galaxy that would draw casual tourists.

We’ve only been announcing our presence via radio waves for a little over 100 years, so the only planets that would be aware of us need be very, very close.


you guys should watch “The fourth Kind” …Ive got MY tin hat by golly!!! And you guys think you know it all!! :laughing: :laughing:


Who’s to say that EBE would necessarily come here because of “announcing our presence via radio waves?”

Perhaps they discovered Earth hundreds or thousands of years ago when their version of Voyager sent back data on Earth.

Or it’s possible that EBE have an interstellar space base that roams the universe on a scientific expedition.

Just because we here on Earth do not have the technology to do it doesn’t mean that

Even if there is only one technologically advanced civilization in a galaxy then that means that there would be 170 billion civilizations. Even if you go with an Earth centric view that these civilizations can only occur in spiral galaxies (the Milky Way is a spiral galaxy) there there are still 102 billions civilizations. You can be sure at least one of those civilizations would have been able to perform intergalactic travel.

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Spectral analysis would show MUCH water on this rock


EBE may not even need water to survive. Because all we have to base our knowledge of life on is life on earth, we’ve come to the conclusion that all animals are carbon based.

It could be that life on other planets are based on nitrogen, methane, or some other substance.


Very true. =)


http://speakeasymag.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/paul-movie-images-2.jpg :laughing:


That wasn’t quite on course :astonished: The guys that made it went on coast to coast and admitted it to lots of callers. There’s alot to find out about the Sumerians though, the dropa stones were impressive. I think the U.S. Government is in posession of a piece of technology they stole out of Iraq, about the time they murdered Saddam. Also check out Bahgdad battery which is quite old