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Sorry for the off topic, but I wanna have a little fun here. Has anyone ever seen an Unidentified Flying Object in person? (Not necessarily little green men, but anything in the air that you can’t explain)

I have seen two in my life:
In 1992, I saw a light in the sky going really fast, it reversed and changed direction, and did it again. I think it may have been a meteor that may have “exploded” since it got smaller every time, and the chunks that came off of it either didn’t light up or weren’t bright enough. There wasn’t a meteor shower that night.

In 1996, I saw a glowing ball in the sky. I’d say it was maybe 6000 feet ASL. It appeared from behind one cloud and disappeared behind another. There was a storm that night, so I dismissed it as ball lightning, as it was glowing a purplish color, but I’m not sure that was really what it was.

It’s too bad that the little green men don’t file an IFR flight plan, I wanna have a close encounter (unless they wanna probe me :open_mouth: )


I think it was a satellite burning up on re-entry, but it was very neat:
I was on a night cross country with one of my students down to Cape May, NJ. We had just gotten “squawk 1200 frequency change approved” from Atlantic City Approach as we got near Cape May. I saw what I thought was a airplane’s very bright landing light above us moving towards and slightly right to left across our flight path. I pointed it out to my student and we both were staring at it trying to tell what it was. It was visable for a very long time, I even took the controls and turned the airplane to the left to watch it ‘fly’ out over the ocean and eventually fizzle out. I would estimate that it was visable for 10 seconds or more, which is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. Flying at night it’s not unusual to see meteors streak across the sky very fast, but it’s never longer than a full second.


Define Unidentified Flying Object. I see them all the time. I look out my window and see something in the air. I know it’s an object flying but I can’t identify it. Is it an airplane? A bird? Superman?

No, I haven’t seen any UFO’s though I would love to.


That is amazing considering the number of space cadets that live in your area…


Can I get an AMEN! to that?


You can bro!


Yeah, I believe I witnessed a couple of these cadets roaming the streets on my one and only visit to Berkeley in '95. In fact, I believe the cheesy motel we stayed in was their base of operations on Earth. How far are you from Berkeley, Dami? Y’know, the home of the post-9/11 “We don’t want American flags on our firetrucks because they might offend someone!!” crusade… :angry: :angry:


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By unidentified, I mean something that either:

1: Has no explanation to what it is (i.e. a bright light or cigar shape object changing direction then disappearing)

2: HAD no explanation to what it is, but later an explanation was found, or you have a possible explanation (Didn’t know what that weird orb was until you went home and saw the news, and realized that Iran is sending nuclear missiles)

3: You know what it is, but it normally shouldn’t be there or is a phenomenon (i.e. cfijames’ satellite, a hang glider at FL350)

4: Something Extraterrestrial (i.e. your plane was beamed up in a green light and you were probed in compromising places by little green men)

Anything out of the ordinary, wheter you were on the ground or in the air.


Too close! I live about 20 miles south of the PRB (Peoples’ Republic of Berkeley) and work 3 or 4 miles south of them in CTLH (City That Loves Homocide, aka Oakland).


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Two friends and I were spending our 1-day in the Bay area after 10 days in L.A. (We had free lodging there), and we came upon the Motel Flamingo. It’s absolutely as cheesy as it sounds, just perfect for three 20-year-old males looking for a novelty. **Everything **was pink: The outside, much of the inside, and every article of clothing and jewelry that adorned the little old lady at the desk, including her nails. The place was a hole; one of my buddies reached for something he saw under his bed, and pulled out a :angry: nasty :angry: porno mag. I think he used our entire soap supply washing his hands. If I knew where my pics of this place were, I’d scan 'em and post them. I have no idea if the place is still there, but I would imagine that it has probably burned down in some meth-lab fire by now. Another story for my grandkids, I guess.


Back to UFO’s…

When I was at Boy Scout Camp we were star watching and watched what looked like a satellite make several sharp changes in direction. It always seemed to move in straight lines, but it would stop and turn on occassion.

I would guess now that it was a weather balloon, but at the time, it was REALLY spooky!


Well just this morning I was at the bus stop and out of the corner of my eye, I see a flash of light go across the sky that lasted o maybe two seconds at best.


this is regards to cfijames post -

A few years back they had a meteor extremly bright glided across the sky, it lasted around 10-15 seconds. It lit up the whole sky. The whole USA got to watch this meteor as it glided across the sky. i personally witnessed it also. it finally fizzed out. but it was one heck of a sight to see. from my vantage point i seen it glide west to east. it might been this one you seen, or i know that a meteor lights up the sky somewhere on earth daily. so it probably was a meteor sliding in.

i may be wrong though but when i seen this post it sounded exactly like the one USA seen that day. it was back in the 90’s. there is stuff always entering our atmosphere meteors, satellites, space junk, etc… so it is always nice to look up into the night sky and you never know what ya might see.


I remember a very large meteor that actually impacted the ground in PA about 15-20 years ago. It lit up the night sky for over 30 seconds I think. Just so happened that it was a Friday night in the fall, so there were lots of H.S. football cameras that caught it on tape.


I think that one landed on a parked car in upstate New York.


Jusging by the car, let me be the first to say the meteor did the owner a favor. :smiling_imp: I’m pretty sure that’s the one I was referring to, cuz I seem to remember it hitting a car. Thanks for the linky. Oh, and my apologies, it was fourteen years ago, for anyone keeping score.